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Finally, a Quality Plumbing Company!

Sadly, it’s not very often you get people in the service industry that are really passionate about their job—people who care deeply about the quality of their work and the satisfaction of their customers. So when I find them, I have to show my appreciation in some way. If I have a really exceptional waiter or waitress, I’ll tip well more than my standard 20 percent.

My husband and I recently had problems with the plumbing in our house. It’s a fairly new constructed house, so I’m not terribly confident in the quality of the materials the builders used or the quality of their work. The guy who owns Booth Plumbing and Heating Company in Ann Arbor happens to be a friend of a friend. They did work on our old house and some previous work on our current house (replacing faulty valves installed by the builder who used cheaper products to cut costs, hence my distrust of the builder’s work).

This time, it was for a leak coming from a pipe in the basement. I won’t bore you with the details, but I will tell you that when Booth sent over their guy, Daniel, I was glad. (He was the same guy that did the valve replacement.) Daniel just strikes me as one of those people who works really hard to make his customers happy. He’s very honest and straightforward and will intelligently answer any question you throw at him. He doesn’t try to give you the runaround—he’ll tell you exactly what needs to be done without trying to scam you. He won’t fabricate fake problems and then “fix” them to get more money out of you. He genuinely wants to do the job right.

In fact, my best friend, Pam, happened to call me up and as I was telling her about our plumbing issues, she would try to stop me and say, “Well, did he do this? Or that? Did he check this and that?” She knows a lot about plumbing because she’s done work on many, many toilets over many years. Besides, I know for a fact that toilets aren’t that complicated…not like cars are. And I know she knows what she’s talking about. And Pam was just trying to make sure that we weren’t getting taken to the bank. But as I described Daniel’s work to her, she lightened up and came to the realization that, no, he wasn’t taking us to the bank. He checked everything he was supposed to check and yes, he was being honest with us about what has to be done to fix the leak.

And just knowing that makes me glad that there are people like him out there. He’s a really good guy and just because of that, I’d highly recommend his company to my friends. He’s someone who “gets it.” He gets what it means to do a good job for your customers. It means they’ll come back to you time and again and then refer you to their friends. It’s just good business to do good business, if that made sense.

I guess that’s why I was so surprised when I came to Quicken Loans. I was surprised to see SO many people who care so much about their work. Before I came here, I thought people like Daniel were extremely rare. Maybe it’s more like they’re just a little uncommon. What do you think?

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  1. Yay for Amy! She’s on a winning streak for getting good service. I’ll definitely refer my clients to her plumber when they need help.

    Posted by: Pamela Suino | November 28, 2006

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