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Positively Rewarding

Have you ever been called out for making a mistake at your
job? God knows I have! Most of the companies I’ve been “lucky enough” to work
for only noticed my work when I made a mistake. Does this sound familiar? One
of the worst experiences I’ve had was at the end of a particular company’s
fiscal year. I made a minor data entry mistake and the finance manager ripped
my head off and served it to me for lunch in front of all my co-workers. I was
only four weeks into the job and felt so humiliated. It didn’t matter that I
was new and had busted my butt to get the job finished on time; the focus was on my
one little mistake. The point I’m trying to make is that negativity thrives in
the workplace and hard work usually goes unnoticed all the time and soon
enough, we start dreading the work day to come.

This was my situation before I took a risk and accepted a
job at Quicken Loans. I left a secure, full-time position at a well established
advertising firm to accept an internship in marketing. I had full benefits,
paid time off and a little over a year invested into the company. I was scared,
nervous and anxious to leave; not sure if I was making the right move. I soon
discovered leaving that position would be the best decision I’d ever make.

Recently, I was in a team meeting where I received positive
recognition for my performance. At these team meetings, it is regular practice
to give team members “props” for being superstars. This is the first time I
have been given positive feedback from a job. What a great feeling to know I
was appreciated! Because of that meeting, I walked the rest of the day with my
head held high, feeling lucky to be a part of this company. My excitement carried
over into the evening and led to a meaningful talk with my family that left
some major impact. It is truly amazing how far positive recognition can go.

Working at Quicken Loans has been a very challenging and
rewarding experience. They have really pushed me to think out of the box and I
could not ask for a better group of people to learn from. One of the best parts
of my job is that I just love being here. There are no reservations about coming
to work and this is the general consensus around here. We are all passionate
and love what we do; it is quite infectious. Imagine—a job that gives back and
keeps you humble at the same time—what a concept! Does it really get better
than that? I don’t think so.

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