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Hey Buddy, You Need a Ride?

Hey Buddy, You Need a Ride? Last Friday (Nov. 3) I got to work and saw several golf carts riding around our main parking lot.  Now, I’ll say this and say it again several times in the future.  The purpose of this blog is NOT to blow our horn and talk about how great Quicken Loans is.  However, showing up Friday morning on the coldest day so far this season (it was probably around 30°F), I was truly shocked by the sight of Quicken Loans senior management driving around the parking lot and picking people up in golf carts and taking them to the front door.  And once inside, all team members were allowed to help themselves to donuts and cider.   And good cider!   Not the crappy grocery store kind that tastes like apple juice.  This was real Michigan cider! Anybody who has ever lived here knows exactly what I’m talking about.

And the whole thing was without notice or fanfare.  They did it and it was over.  It wasn’t as though Friday was "get a ride to the door from your boss day" or anything like that.  I don’t even know who organized it.  There wasn’t a notice or anything.  I was taken aback. I’ve worked in several places and never seen anything like this.  But that is how the culture of Quicken Loans is.  Stuff like this happens all the time.  It’s really cool.  That’s the only way I can describe it.  That to me is the difference.  It’s a small thing but it just made me stop and think – "this is great."

And finally, check out the pic of my cubie Kriste chilling in one of the “Quicken Loans golf carts.”   

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  1. Hi!!! I just wanna say I really like this blog!!! It gets me fired up! It’s a really great concept!

    Posted by: Billy Leopardskinhousen | November 8, 2006

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