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Official DIFF Rebuttal!

Official DIFF Rebuttal!
So here it is! Our very first official rebuttal of a DIFF entry submitted by Brian Doelle on Nov. 15.  Brian wrote about his “grating” experience with less-than-mellifluous toilet paper at hotels that marketed themselves as “luxury” or “spas.”  He was fed up and it hurt (it really probably did hurt — in a scraping kind of way).  And he wondered if anybody EVER uses those silly bathrobes fancy-smancy places provide.

I decided to test his theory.   I recently spent five days at the 4-star El Dorado Royale near Cancun, Mexico.  This place is luxury, a spa, and provides bathrobes.  It was a perfect place to see whether Mr. Doelle was correct in his sweeping generalization that luxury hotels provide toilet paper better fit for a military outhouse……

I can tell you the El Dorado had toilet paper that was as soft and tender as a freshly-baked flour tortilla.  It was wonderful and I couldn’t wait to use it after each all-you-can-eat-and-drink day of fun and sun.  And I wore the bathrobe EVERY day!  It was soft and fluffy too!

Let this be a lesson to us all.  You CAN find a hotel with soft toilet paper.  You just have to travel a few thousand miles to find it! 

So, Mr. Doelle, put that in your toilet and flush it!

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  1. Associating toilet paper with a tortilla just makes me think of refried beans.

    Posted by: Wilson W. | November 30, 2006
  2. I gotta say that the hotel in which Mr. Doelle stayed was certainly lacking. Even the MainStay (extended stay hotel) with it’s outdated 80′s decor and banged-up furniture made sure to have two-ply, quilted toilet paper, much like what Clayton experienced.
    Toilet paper is a silly, small thing to lose on.

    Posted by: xyb | December 1, 2006
  3. Really, I consider these posts public service announcements. It sure beats saving the napkins from McDonald’s for, you know, personal purposes.

    Posted by: Biff Shankley | December 1, 2006

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