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What’s The DIFF – Cavs Style

What’s The DIFF – Cavs Style
For all NBA fans not living in Cleveland, here’s a bit of trivia for you.  The Cleveland Cavaliers have their own version of “The DIFF.”  It’s an ingenious item on their scoreboard that, in fact, was the root inspiration for the name of this blog.   I was curious about the history of the Cleveland DIFF and here is what I found. 

The idea came from a Cleveland fan  who submitted it in 2005 on the
website www.greatideasatcavs.com, designed to inspire Cavs fans to
submit suggestions to improve the team, the Q Arena, or anything else
Cavaliers.  A fan came up with the idea to show a number which
represented the difference in score between the Cavs and the opposing
team.  The DIFF was born.  Check out the image on the right.  In this
particular game, King James and the Cavs were subjecting the Pacers to
a royal thrashing, resulting in a DIFF of +28. 

It’s easy! It’s fun!  It’s The DIFF.  Why strain your brain trying to
subtract or add differences in the score when you are trying to keep up
with fast-paced  NBA basketball? (My apologies to math teachers across
the country).

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