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Having it My Way

By Jen Romanowski

This year I decided I wasn’t going to set a New Year’s resolution. Instead, I was going to set an Old Year’s resolution.

“Why?” you ask?

Because I believe that you do not have to wait until the New Year starts to make a change in your life. My resolution: to become more aware of the things I fueled my body with, or, in plain English, watching what I ate. 

One day I began searching the Web to find some valuable information that might help my life-changing resolution and I came across Fitday.com. “Imagine a food journal, calorie counter, exercise log, weight loss tracker, and nutrition facts book all rolled into one. Combine that with powerful analysis and graphical reporting. Now make it free, easy, personalized, and accessible anywhere using the Web. That’s FitDay!” Hello? Did someone say personalized AND free? Let’s face it, I was sold with free; everything else was just a bonus. So now with the help of science, I was ready for a change—all because I’d found this amazing, free tool to help me.

This post isn’t just about FitDay though. You see, last week, a friend of mine decided he was going to stop by Burger King and grab us a bite to eat. I knew that FitDay had fast food menu items on it, but was it comparable to the actual menu items? This I didn’t know. So I did what any person who was sitting at a computer doing homework would do, I multi-tasked onto Burger King’s Website.

As a person who works in online marketing, I was a little frustrated about finding the nutrition guide, but once I did find it, I was amazed. (Hint: roll your mouse cursor over the “Explore BK” field towards the bottom of the page.) Burger King went above and beyond when it came to displaying nutrition information. Not only did they fulfill the reason I came to the site, they gave me a tool. I was able to build my own meal and calculate that meal’s nutrition. But it didn’t stop there, folks. There were .pdf files I could save or print which listed information based on food allergies, ingredients and basic nutrition. On top of that, they also provided meal suggestions based on the specific dietary needs I might have.

Bottom line: Way to go Burger King on letting me “Have it my way.” You helped me make a healthy decision and keep me focused on Old Year’s resolution.

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  1. I’m with you Jen, getting nutritional information for fast food joints is usually next to impossible. I’m still trying to get a calorie and fat count for Jimmy John’s Beach Club, which on it’s surface seems healthy, but once I started adding up the two gigantic slices of wheat bread, the avocado (yes, it’s good fat, but it’s still calories), sliced turkey, mayo and cheese becomes something approaching 1,000 calories (that’s nearly half of a average person’s daily recommended calorie cosumption!) Yet, go to the Jimmy Johns site, and you’ll never find a word about the nutritional content of their food. I’m not a fan of Burger King, but I will give them credit for allowing their customer to make an informed decision about what they are putting into their bodies. I guess at Jimmy Johns all you get are the “free smells.” BTW, good luck with your old resolution!

    Posted by: Madgeman | December 29, 2006
  2. Thanks! I’ve checked out plenty of websites for nutritional information, and Burger King really did it right. And I wouldn’t say I’m a fan of Burger King, but I am a fan of anything free. (My friend was buying!)

    Posted by: Jen Romanowski | January 2, 2007

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