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There are several people in this world I really feel who embody THE DIFF, but there’s one who I admire in particular, and that’s Linus Torvalds, a.k.a. the “Godfather of Open Source”. For those of you who don’t have any idea who he is, he created an open-source computer operating system (OS) called LINUX (a combination of his first name and UNIX, since it’s a UNIX-like OS). Now, without getting into any real detail—since I’m not a computer nerd like my husband who could tell you all about it—it’s basically an operating system that’s free to use and lets anyone contribute to its programming. Open-source contribution (much like Wikipedia) ensures the system is not only very useful, but is freer of bugs and insecurities. And it’s not just little ol’ me who thinks Torvalds is a genius…Time Magazine included him in their list of “60 Years of Heroes.” Even though I’m not a computer programmer, I think LINUX is a brilliant concept created by a man who thinks DIFFerently.

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