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True Genius is not Always on the Surface

By Adam Lewinski and Ryan Sills

By now, almost everyone I know has heard of the heroic story involving two dolphins, the Chinese government, and the world’s tallest man. Quite an impressive story if you ask me; a truly impressive tale about how surgery couldn’t save the dolphins and everybody’s arms were just too short to reach into the dolphins stomach to retrieve some plastic.

Enter the world’s tallest man, Bao Xishun, standing at an impressive 7-foot 9-inches tall, with arms measuring about 42 inches in length. Looking at the situation, Bao reached all the way into the two dolphins stomachs and retrieved the plastic from the dolphin’s stomach. The plastic was in the dolphin’s stomach because they nibbled on part of their tank.

Bao was listed as a rural farmer from Inner Mongolia; it is not like he was living right next door to the aquarium. After conventional surgical tools failed, after the veterinarians realized that their arms were just too short, and after all hope seemed lost, the smartest person in the room then spoke up and suggested that they ask the tallest man in the world to help.

This is a feel good story if I have ever heard of one, but the point of this blog is not to write about feel good stories. This blog exists to point out the difference in things, the little intangible things that set ideas apart.

History will always remember Bao as the hero of the situation. I can imagine that 10 years from now, this story will be remembered as a modern day tale, the Chinese version of Paul Bunyan. Bao deserves this; this could possibly be the highlight of his life.  I can’t imagine that much fame comes from being a rural farmer within Inner Mongolia, and I don’t know how much fame comes from being the world’s tallest man.

Even though Bao will be considered the hero, I believe that the true hero in that situation and “the DIFF” in this circumstance would have to be the person who put together the thought “the taller you are, the longer your arms must be” and suggested that they call up the world’s tallest man to help the dolphins.

Bao will get the fame and glory from this event, but the true genius lies underneath the surface, within the background of the situation.

This type of thinking can be contagious; It’s what separates smart from brilliant. Therefore, my vote for the smartest man in the world for that day was the individual who suggested they get the tallest man in the world to help them, because of his lengthy arms.

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  1. That’s a great story about the world’s tallest man. Co-written by one of the world’s largest men!

    Posted by: Clayton | December 21, 2006
  2. Actually the genius does not lye with
    the person who realized that the taller the
    person, the longer the arms, and would
    therefore be able to reach inside the dolphins
    stomach, unless that person is the same person
    who new that sticking a persons arm into the
    stomach of a dolphin would not be dangerous
    for the human; That’s just biology and there’s
    nothing special about that. However, I really liked the point.

    Posted by: Kay Saaidi | March 13, 2008
  3. I love reading about Bao saving those dolphins. It’s such a charming story and a nice article guys. I recently came across the rock opera about Bao Xishun and the dolphins. It’s crazy! nickoller.com/rock-opera/dolphin.html … Thought I’d share :)

    Posted by: Saves Two Dolphins | June 11, 2011

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