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Which Door Do I Use?

By Melissa Morrison

One night, I went with some friends to one of our favorite restaurants, which overlooked the Black River in Port Huron, Michigan. With such a great view and pleasant weather, we decided to enjoy dinner and drinks on the deck. A table was opening up within the next five minutes, so we thought we’d wait at the bar until it was ready. When the waitress came over to bring us to our table, I was deep in conversation with another patron and told my friends I’d meet them on the deck—a simple task, one might think.

When I was finished talking, I walked downstairs and went to open one of the four glass doors that led to the deck. I turned the handle. Locked. OK, I thought, it must be the next one. So I turned the handle. Locked. Hmmm, I thought as I wondered how many people were watching me attempt the simple task of opening a door. I went to the next door, turned the handle and wouldn’t you know it? Locked. My face was now bright red and I had become determined to complete this seemingly simple task. I moved to the last door and finally, the door opened! As I walked through, I noticed at least three tables had been watching me the entire time.

I couldn’t believe that three of the four doors that led to the same exact place were locked without any indication that they were locked. How was I was expected to know which one was open? When I asked the waitress why there were no signs, she simply replied, “I don’t know.” I asked if they had any signs to place on the locked doors, to which I received another “I don’t know.” She agreed that it was confusing, but said it has always been that way.

Just one small change would tell their patrons the correct door to use and would save a lot of embarrassment and frustration. But will they do it? We’ll have to wait until the cold winter months of Michigan pass and the deck reopens…stay tuned.

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  1. Are you talking about Quay Street?

    Posted by: Justin Barber | December 7, 2006

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