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A DIFFerent Kind of Leader


By Amy Prior

Here’s further proof of why it’s so cool to work in a place where the company culture makes it fun (and interesting) to come to work. Our friend, Lauren Ham, accidentally sent an e-mail to the wrong person. Now, the way our Outlook e-mail system works is this: when you create a new message and begin typing in a name into the “TO:” field, it will automatically populate the field with the person’s name and e-mail address if you’ve e-mailed them before. But this creates a little glitch…when you have over 3,750 people working in a company, you’re bound to have a number of people with the same last name or even just people whose names merely begin with the same letters. Normally, this would be a really BAD thing.

But at Quicken Loans—or at the very least, in this case—it turned out to be no big deal and actually impressed Lauren—and myself.

She was trying to send an e-mail to Aaron Emerson, but Outlook automatically populated the field with BILL Emerson, our CEO. She didn’t realize it went to the wrong person until after she hit “send.” But here’s the really cool part. When Bill got the e-mail, he simply asked, “What do you need?” He was willing to help out, without even knowing or understanding what she needed. From Lauren’s e-mail to me:

He didn’t know what I needed, was asking for, but he stopped whatever company-running, billion-dollar-managing task he was doing, to make time for me. Pretty damn cool. I can’t think of another place on Earth where that would happen.

I have to say from my own personal experience that Bill is a VERY cool guy. He’s super nice, super friendly and has a great sense of humor. Every time he walks by, I can say hello to him and talk to him on a first-name basis. I’ve even joked around with him! He always has a smile for me and that makes me feel really good because it’s a smile that says he cares about each and every one of us. How great is THAT for senior leadership?

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