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All the DIFFerence in the World!

Stephanie Detroit Marriott
This year, our company hosted a holiday party at the Detroit Marriott Renaissance Center. I knew this would be a big to-do, so I prepared well in advance. Planning to stay the evening at the Marriott Renaissance Hotel, I checked into my room, relaxed for a few, and at about 5:30 p.m., the fate of my evening took a monstrous twist. I laid out my dress and discovered that the department store I bought the dress from had not removed the ink-filled security tag. I was furious and immediately went into panic mode.

I called the front desk to see if they could help—nothing. I went to all the shops in the Renaissance Center to see if they could help—nothing. What was I going to do? The nearest mall was 30 minutes away. Leaving the hotel was not an option. Time to get creative!

As I walked the long hallway back to my room, I spotted housekeeping out of the corner of my eye. With a last-hope attempt to change the fate of my night, I pleaded my case to a woman named Stephanie and what a hero she turned out to be! She willingly took a look at my dress and noticed that the ink tag was attached in the seam. She told me the hotel had a sewing kit I could use to unstitch my dress, pull the tag off, and sew the dress back together. This might not have seemed like a solution for some but thankfully, I know how to sew—all thanks go to Mom for that one!

As promised, Stephanie came through with a sewing kit, a pair of scissors, and a great big smile. So in my room, I performed surgery on my dress just as Stephanie suggested.  I would have never thought of this had Stephanie not been there and so willing to lend a helping hand. So to Stephanie, I would like to say thank you for going above and beyond to help a total stranger in a jam. You made all the DIFFerence in the world that night and you deserve a great big pat on the back for a stellar performance. You define exactly what it means to be the DIFF!

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  1. What a cool story …

    Posted by: Madgeman | January 2, 2007

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