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Computers and Smiles – The Life and Times of Mr. Carnell McLaurin

Carnell McLaurin and studentsI recently learned about Carnell McLaurin from a story in the Cleveland Plain Dealer newspaper.   Plain Dealer journalist Samuel Fulwood III wrote a touching piece about McLaurin’s struggles to overcome his daughter’s death 2 years ago titled "Hope and a dream heal a man’s pain."

Following the death of his daughter, McLaurin fought through his pain and found that one of the only ways he could deal with his loss was to help others.  His chance to do so came about in a pretty unusual and unique way.

While working as a delivery person for a package service, McLaurin noticed stacks of old computers wasting away in corporate closets and storage areas. 

He came up with an idea to get those computers out of the corporate backrooms and into the hands of needy students.  He set up a non-profit, the D’Angela McLaurin Computers for Kids Foundation, as a legitimate way for corporations to donate old computers.

McLaurin’s work has touched the lives of many children and he impressed Quicken Loans Chairman Dan Gilbert so much that he was offered (and accepted) a job with the Quicken Loans Cleveland office. 

The DIFF team salutes Carnell McLaurin for his positive attitude and his desire to help others.  We wish him and the D’Angela McLaurin Computers for Kids Foundation great success in the future.

The world needs more people like Carnell McLaurin. 

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