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Danny and Nina Move to Denver

I learned about dannyandnina.com from an article in the Detroit Free Press last week. 

I really like the concept behind this site and I think it is a cool and creative use of web technology.

Danny and Nina are two 20-somethings from New York City who decided to start a website asking people to vote on the city where they should move.  They called it an art/voting project.  They came up with 250 cities across the country and left the rest up to the general public.  People were given roughly 4 months to vote.

They received millions of visits and the site garnered plenty of media attention.  Denver won with over 1 million votes. 

Sadly, Detroit wasn’t even on the original list. 

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  1. Using a medium like the internet to make a major life decision is an intriguing concept. I can’t say I’d put my life up for popular vote, but I sort of admire the confidence in strangers.

    Posted by: Ann-Marie | January 22, 2007

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