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In Coney We Trust

By Carrie Shultz

What makes one coney stand out from the rest? They’re  all the world’s tastiest place after a night of heavy drinking, but aren’t they all the same place with a different name?  T & J Coney Island in Royal Oak, Michigan stands out for me is one of the most customer-oriented restaurants around and here’s why.

A few Saturdays ago I was in my scrubbiest clothes on my way to a friend’s new condo to help her paint. I decided to make a quick stop to grab some lunch to take with me. I happened to stop at T & J Coney Island on 14 Mile Rd. It was on the way and I needed good food fast.  I sat down at the counter, ordered my garden burger and fries and waited for it to be ready. 

When the waitress brought it out to me, she asked for payment and I handed her my visa card. Guess what? They don’t accept credit cards! I literally had $4 in cash to my name with me at that moment. The total was closer to $7 and I still needed to tip her as well. Looked like I wasn’t going to eat lunch after all. 

And At any other establishment, I can guarantee you that would have been the case. Not here! She smiled and told me to just take it with only paying her the $4. She said, “Don’t even worry about it. Next time you come in you can make it up to me. And don’t be afraid or embarrassed to come back either!” And that was it. I very graciously accepted the food and thanked her profusely.  This kind of service is unheard of!

For the record, I did go back the very next week. I stopped in and was glad to recognize her since I didn’t catch her name. I handed her a thank you card filled with a generous tip and my business card. Maybe next time she needs some help, I can repay the favor.

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  1. That reminds me of when I tried to buy a drink at Sottini’s Sub shop in Ann Arbor. I didn’t have enough cash and they let me off the hook. So the next time I went in, I tipped them extra. I love that place!

    Posted by: Amy Prior | January 22, 2007
  2. *Love* Sottini’s!!! “What’s up, boss?” is the quote every day. They’re great people, and always get my vote for best sub.

    Posted by: Christy | January 22, 2007
  3. Who the heck gets a gardenburger at a coney island? Besides, everyone knows the best coney dogs in the world come from Lafayette Coney Island!

    Posted by: Deeeetroit Coney Dogs | January 23, 2007
  4. I have had similar experiences and not just in the food industry. It just goes to prove, every client, every time.

    Posted by: cindy | January 24, 2007

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