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Leading the Revolution

By Amy Prior

Apple has done it again! What they did for personal computing in the 80’s and what they did for personal music devices today, they’ve now done for personal communications. Today, Apple released the revolutionary—and I mean revolutionaryiPod phone. All I have to say is this phone is DA BOMB!! Not only does it successfully combine the iPod personal media device with cellular phone technology, it does so much more—it lets you get on the Internet and view whole Web pages as they’re seen on any PC computer. It’s not modified and pared down like it is for the Palm Treo (another cool phone). Plus you can view your photos (check out the cool zoom feature), smart text message your friends and family, and even conference people in! That’s something I’ve never heard any cell phone could do. And following the advice from their 1998 THINK DIFFERENT commercial years ago, Apple has continued to lead the way in technology.

Way to go Apple!

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  1. Thank you for posting a blog about Apple! I watched the Keynote by Steve Jobs on apple.com and the demonstration of the new iPhone just blew me away! This phone is truly amazing. They partnered with Google too, so when you are looking for an address you can search in Google and you can view the map and the satellite view right on your phone. Zooming in and out looks to be a breeze with the “pinch” effect. They are releasing the iPhone in June and I plan on getting it in the future.

    Posted by: Carissa Shulman | January 11, 2007
  2. Yeah, seeing that phone blew me away too. It’s so cool they use Google Maps! That’s the best online map service I’ve found. I don’t use anything else. :)

    Posted by: Amy Prior | January 11, 2007

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