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Plugging into the Vibe!

I think this is cool.  Maybe I’m just old and tragically unhip, but I really think an AC plug as standard issue in a car is sweet.

Soon, there will be no need for those pesky DC cords to charge your cell phone or hot dog roaster (Matt Cardwell can explain about that one).

So anyway, Christy Brewer also thinks an AC plug is cool and recorded (using her cell phone) plugging her video camera into her Pontiac Vibe dashboard!   

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  1. did you hear about the guy who was pulled over for erratic driving – he had his dinner cooking on the floor of the car in a crockpot (plugged into the AC) – but what threw him off balance was when he was driving while tossing the accompanying salad…

    Posted by: kathy fawcett | January 16, 2007
  2. Yeah, but this would have been just the thing when my friend was having an asthma attack and needed her compressor…
    In August 2004, GM sent hybrid Silverado trucks to Florida after Hurricane Charley to help clean up. With grounded outlets in the vehicle, rescue and cleanup workers could plug in small generators and power tools. Then, haul away the debris in the truck bed.
    Kudos to GM on the work, but a big thumbs-down for no longer hosting the information on their gmability.com web site.

    Posted by: Christy | January 16, 2007

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