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“View All” or Don’t Bother

“Hello, my name is Ann-Marie and I’m an addict.”

I’m an Internet junkie. I can’t get enough of it. Whether it be chatting on Gmail, laughing at the daily Dilbert blog entry, reading the latest headlines on my RSS news feed or my biggest nemesis, e-shopping, I’m completely and totally hooked. But it’s only the last category – e-shopping – that has some serious drawbacks. While I love how easy it is to order anything online, from a basket of brownies to my gadget du jour, the bane of my bank account appears to be that it’s too easy. The “order” button might as well be a shiny pocket watch dangling at the end of a hypnotist’s string. But, my compulsion to click the “order” button aside, it continues to surprise me how many large retail companies still don’t get it right when it comes to the sales process.

Perhaps I’m nitpicking, but I went online recently to a major clothing retailer with the thought in mind to splurge. But when I went to view the various clothing options they had to offer me, I got completely hung up on the lack of a “view all” button. Instead, I was expected to navigate through 12 different pages just to find a sweater I deemed perfect for Friday night. Come on people! Every second I spend clicking to another page is a second that I’m not clicking on the order button. And to make matters worse, the page was littered with so many graphics that I had to wait 15-20 seconds every time I clicked to a new page – even with the speed of cable. As an Internet junkie, I’m incredibly impatient and this experience was irritating enough that it literally made me lose my urge to buy.

“View all” is certainly not a complicated feature to employ and would drastically improve my experience. It would be even better to see companies go the extra mile and allow the user to choose just how many items they’d like to see on a page, if viewing all items would unleash a beastly page size. I understand that a lot goes into the design of a Web page – I deal with it everyday here at Quicken Loans – but when you’re busy digging deep, trying to ensure that the process goes smoothly for the user, don’t forget some of the basics. I’m talking about the impatient Internet junkie who’s ready to buy and ready to buy NOW. Don’t make it hard for me or you’ll lose some of the easiest business out there.

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  1. 100% in agreement with you, Ann-Marie. Especially when the pages get hung up jogging back and forth between between them trying to compare multiple items.
    Viva la “View All” button!

    Posted by: Mike D. | January 12, 2007
  2. “Every second I spend clicking to another page is a second that I’m not clicking on the order button.”
    When will online retailers get this? Less clicks, more bucks.

    Posted by: Christy | January 12, 2007
  3. View All, All the Time. I’d rather wait longer initially than have to click a boatload of times. Give me a list of 200 shirts and I’ll scan it like the dickens.

    Posted by: Jarretta | January 12, 2007

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