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Can You Envision U?

Breaking a board at Envison UI’m going to let you in on a secret that is a big part of Quicken Loans’ success.  His name is Rod Hairston and his company is called Envision U

Rod Hairston is an amazing and extremely  inspirational person.  He founded Envision U on the principal that people have within themselves the ability to achieve anything and everything. 

Rod is a former Navy Seal and has consulted for several Fortune 500 companies about motivation, company culture, and strategies to motivate employees to perform to the best of their abilities.  He is a fascinating and truly dynamic individual.  I’ve been through one of his training courses and I highly recommend it to anyone. 

And yes, I broke a board just like the guy in the picture.

Climbing the side of the building at Envison UWhether you are a new employee just out of school or a manager of hundreds, Rod and his staff will make you think about yourself and how, most likely, you are the solution to any issues/problems you may have. 

I love one of his quotes he gave during his seminar – “The inability to forgive is not being able to let go of the past.”  What simple but great advice. 

The milk has been spilled. Clean it up and go buy new milk or quit drinking it, but don’t cry about it.  That gets you nowhere!

Take your life to the next level is Envision U’s main message.  It’s not easy.  It is a challenge.  But the rewards are exponentially greater than the costs. 

Corporations are entities comprised of individuals.  Quicken Loans is lucky to have people at the top who believe in and are willing to invest in the training and principles of Rod Hairston and Envision U.  Are you ready for the challenge???

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  1. Is that Rod rapelling down the side of a building? What’s the story with that photo?

    Posted by: Christy | February 5, 2007

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