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Comfort Food

It’s amazing how sharing an excellent meal and good wine with good people can change your mood!

As with any company (even when you’re one of the best), you’re always bound to have those days where things go wrong, blow up in your face or just frustrate you to all get-out. That was my day last Friday. It seemed like things just didn’t want to go right and everything was piling up on top of me. I felt like that guy in the milk commercial who gets the call from the radio station asking who shot Alexander Hamilton. (Hint: if you’ve seen it, you’ll know exactly what I’m talking about—it’s absolutely hilarious, but you really gotta sympathize with the guy.)

Anyway, as frazzled as I was, I was finally able to leave when the e-mails had stopped flooding in around 5pm. But to top it all off, even the drive home was irritating since I was nearly run out of my lane by a guy in a pickup who just HAD to be EXACTLY where I was and couldn’t be bothered with slowing down to merge behind me.

I called Don, who asked me to meet him at a new restaurant called Melange in Ann Arbor, with our good friend Dr. Jay—my doctor, karate instructor and one of our best friends (he even officiated our wedding).

When I walked in, it was obvious that I was in a most foul mood. It was a little hard to conceal the dark, black cloud hovering above my head. Of course, it didn’t help that when I arrived, a guy had sat down in the seat at the bar that Don had saved for me just as I was about to put my butt in it.

Since there was nowhere for me to sit, we decided to get a table instead. After pondering the menu for a while and on the advice of Dr. Jay, I ordered the steak filet with Gorgonzola cheese and crispy onions. I knew I needed some strong sustenance. We ordered the Argyle 2004 Pinot Noir to go with it, and for dessert, the crème brulee (my absolute favorite!).

The whole meal was absolutely incredible! Just the fact that I had good food in my stomach was a big help—I’m ALWAYS grumpy when my blood sugar gets too low. But listening to Don and Dr. Jay tell jokes and trade funny stories about the early days of the dojo really did the trick to lift my spirits. And by the time we got up to leave, Dr. Jay even commented about how improved my disposition was. And he was right. I felt worlds better and after dinner when I got to practicing for my Iaido test (which was the next day—I made it to one level below brown belt, in case you’re wondering), I was able to focus and concentrate in the most productive way. I felt good that I’d accomplished something so rewarding that day and I was able to put the entire workday behind me. Strange what a good meal can do, eh?

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