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Doctor DIFF and His Amazing Gore®-Lined Cast!


By Kathy Fawcett

Clayton, I truly am sorry you broke your leg! Would it help if I told you a story? No? But I promised I would…so sit back, Clayton…no, sit back, don’t try to get up while I tell you about Doctor DIFF and his amazing Gore®-lined cast.

I was camping in the Adirondacks  (That’s in upper New York State, Clayton) and I slipped on a mossy rock, breaking my leg. It hurt, Clayton, as you can well imagine. I was postponing the morphine shot until the hospital shift change, because the nurse was scary looking. (She started to look nicer as the pain grew.)

But Doctor DIFF arrived and became my new best friend. He sized up the situation: I was on day two of a two-week vacation; 10 hours from home–we had three kids and our Coleman camper. No one wanted to go back to Michigan. So Doctor DIFF put a wonderful cast on my leg with a waterproof Gore® liner. What an amazing invention! I didn’t have to wrap my cast in a garbage bag to protect it from water…on the contrary. Doctor DIFF recommended I take my broken leg to the lake and swim (float) as much as I’d like, that the cool water would relieve the swelling of the broken bone. Of course, maneuvering my crutches on the sandy beach was a hoot, but enjoying the lake made it worth the trouble.

I don’t know what’s happened to the amazing Gore® casts; no one I mention it to has ever heard or experienced such a thing. But that cast – and that doctor – turned a crappy, painful vacation into a crappy, painful vacation where I could swim.

You see Clayton…that wasn’t so bad now was it?

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  1. I invented the Gore cast!!
    They are still around – http://www.castliner.com

    Posted by: Al Gore | February 23, 2007

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