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Doing the Right Thing

By Regis Hadiaris

When I start my day on the Quicken Loans Marketing Team each morning, I have easily over 100 things on my to do list.  You probably do too.  I know I’m not alone.  But for the team members at Quicken Loans, the way we approach those 100 things is the DIFF.  Why?  Because we:

  1. Relentlessly focus on doing the "right things" first
  2. Actually make time to do those "right things"

The other day, I came across Mark Cuban’s post "The Lessons of T Shirts to Marketers."  In it, he challenges marketers to raise our awareness about what our clients’ actions are telling us. 

To me as a Web marketer, Mark’s post means going above and beyond all of the formal ways we learn from our clients (usability tests, interviews, focus groups, etc.).  It means understanding the actions our clients are taking on our Web sites so we can serve them better.

This is one of those "right things" that we set aside time to do. We take it upon ourselves to really dig deep and learn about our clients, instead of relying on superficial analysis or conjecture.  We care enough to really find out who our clients are.  We strive to be better.  We never lose focus of who we’re here to serve.

In this fast-paced world where people rarely stop and take the time to really understand and care, we set aside time to do so.  To me, that’s the DIFF.

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  1. Prime example would be Cat reaching out today to a client who had a question about an email he received. She is off site but still went above and beyond to call him and answer any questions he had. Not only did she do that, she is also sending him a thank you card for bringing his concerns to our attention.
    That couple of minutes it takes for her to send out that card is a prime example of The Diff.

    Posted by: Jen R | February 16, 2007

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