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Paul (aka Big Sammy) – Team Player

Paul Price - Quicken Loans Web Engineer Studies DesignA couple of people have recently asked me, "What does it really mean to be the DIFF?"

It means a lot of things.

It means being at the top of your game. It means being helpful.  It means caring. It means doing something special.  Still not sure what I’m talking about?

Just ask Paul, a Quicken Loans Web Programmer/Engineer.  Paul uses PHP, CSS, Javascript and other code to build the front end (aka, the look and feel) of our Web sites.  And he does it well.

Here’s what his team leader, Duane, had to say about him:

  • He genuinely cares about what he does and the people he works with.
  • He constantly pushes himself to improve his understanding of the latest Web Standards, techniques and practices.
  • He shares his knowledge of the business, culture, and technology with his teammates.
  • He always does what’s right for the business.
  • He never lets his ego get in the way of doing what’s right, nor does he let it impede his learning. (He admits when he needs to learn something and does everything he can to do so…)
  • He has a great sense of humor (great pranks, like covering an entire cube in plastic wrap)
  • He works long hours without extra prompting to get his tasks done on time or (usually) early.

I think you get the picture.  Paul cares about his work and his coworkers and he goes beyond the call of duty to help out.  Yup, that’s what we call the DIFF.

Paul Price - Quicken Loans Web EngineerWe asked Paul about his success at Quicken Loans:

"It’s always nice to have your hard work recognized by others.  I’m on a great team and I have a team leader that truly cares about everyone personally and professionally.

"Coming from a very heavy sports background I have the mentality that there is always someone out there who is working harder and doing all the little things to be better than you. I keep myself focused professionally by constantly pushing myself to obtain new knowledge.

"Also, being humble is the most important thing in the world.  No one wants to be around someone who thinks they are superior to you and you have to be able to laugh at yourself.  Everyone makes mistakes and how fun would life be if you can’t smile and always have to be serious!"

So, do you think you have what it takes to join Computerworld’s #1 place to "work in information technology?"  Can you be the next Paul?   

If so, we are hiring.  Check out what’s available!

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  1. Paul’s shirt matches The Diff’s layout. Was this planned?

    Posted by: Jen R | February 8, 2007

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