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Grilled Cheese Success

By Lea Puckett

Just wanted to give you an update on the "Open Mic for Freestyle Fridays" fund, we donated to from Donor’s Choose (4 weeks ago). This project has been fully funded. Below is a letter Mr. Salgado, the teacher requesting the funds, sent to me.

"Dear Lea,

What an awesome thing you’ve done in helping to fund our Freestyle Friday sound system! The De Diego Community Academy 8th graders (and teachers) thank you from the bottom of our hearts. Your gesture of generosity has immeasurable benefits to their personal esteem and self-expression. We cannot wait to start using it! Thank you kindly. We’ll be sure to send out photos of our poets, singers, and artists soon."

I want to thank you all for supporting Grilled Cheese Wednesday.

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  1. Can I have a grilled cheese delivered to my house the next time you guys do this? That would be the DIFF!

    Posted by: Clayton | March 14, 2007

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