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Pizza Done the Right Way

By David Wright

My wife and I often go out for dinner. We don’t ask for much–some decent food and a drink or two make us very happy. One thing we will not tolerate is poor service. Thankfully, this story reflects the opposite of poor!!

We went out a few weeks ago for dinner at the Big Bear Lodge. For those of you who have never been there, it is a big log cabin with stuffed wild game everywhere. Think of an evening with Ted Nugent. Anyway, they have good food and drink so we enjoy it. I ordered a pizza and when the waitress put it down on the table she apologized for burning it. It was a little overdone but only two of the pieces were somewhat dark. It was definitely still edible. After I gave her my credit card for the bill, she returned with a whole new pizza in a takeout box. She said “I’m sorry for the burnt pizza. Here is a free one for you to take home.”

Talk about pleasant surprises!! I made no issue of the original pizza being a little overdone and this waitress guaranteed our return with a simple gesture.

That is doing things the right way!!!

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