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Terrible Food, Terrible Service

Cora, I’d just like to say I completely agree with you, so in response to your airline story, I’ve got another one for you. There’s a certain airline that I am sometimes forced to take, but their customer service is terrible, their Web site doesn’t work, and their phone system is atrocious.

One day, I called up their reservations hotline to book a flight. An operator starts speaking to me, but before I can even say hello, I get switched to a recorded survey they want me to take. I didn’t even get to talk to anyone.

I redial and finally get an operator. I tell her I want to make a reservation using my airline miles, but she says I have to call a different number. I said, "But the recording just told me I could get to a operator specifically for this and it even asked me to enter my account number." Alright, fine. I call the number she gives me and book my flight from Detroit, Michigan to Ft. Myers, Florida. But as she recites the information back to me, I notice that the flight coming back seems way too short. We leave Detroit at noon and arrive in Florida at 12:53??? "How can that be?" I asked her. "Time difference," she replies. Um, Michigan to Florida are both on Eastern Standard Time. But I just shake my head and think maybe this person is just a little dense.

Then the confirmation e-mail comes to my inbox the next morning. Again, the flight is still listed as less than an hour each way when it should be about three. I finally realize I was booked on a flight going to Ft. Wayne, INDIANA, NOT Ft. Myers, FLORIDA!

So I call them yet again. The agent (who I could swear is the same person I got the first time) can’t find a returning flight back—lack of availability. This is starting to get really ridiculous, so I ask for a supervisor.

The supervisor seemed pretty nice, but told me the return flight would take more than the standard 25,000 miles. Fine. We used my and my husband’s miles. It was going to cost us each 37,000 miles for the roundtrip non-stop flight. Don only had a little over 31,100, but she just gave him the rest of the miles because of the inconvenience. I think we should have gotten bumped to first class, but I wasn’t going to push it after all that trouble—I was already tired of dealing with them.

I’ve NEVER in my life had SO much trouble as I’ve had with this one particular airline. There always seems to be some sort of screw up. Now, granted, sometimes they can fix it to make you at least somewhat happy, but what gets me is how often I have problems with them. I propose that if they would just do business the right way in the first place, they wouldn’t have so many angry customers and they wouldn’t have to work so hard to make up for it. They just need to do is show a little more concern for their customers and more of a desire to help them.

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  1. Got one better… on the phone with some company that wants me to rattle off my account number… one of those long ones. When the customer service person begins repeating it back to me, I simply say, “No…” very calmly, because there were lots of repeat digits.
    This person literally shouted back at me, “Well that’s what you told me!!”
    Chill out, person! I already entered my account number in to my telephone’s keypad, just like the voice told me, and yet I still have to repeat it back. (My biggest phone service pet peeve.)

    Posted by: Christy | March 1, 2007
  2. They should have shown some ‘human’ face and cared a little more about your situation. It’s sad that we have come to expect this sort of treatment when dealing with the airline companies.

    Posted by: Ares Vista | June 15, 2009

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