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The Beginning of Ice Cream Fridays?


Ok, so we all thought the DIFF couldn’t get any better than Grilled Cheese Wednesdays, but we were wrong. Thanks to the brilliance of Jacque and Matt plus the magic of ice cream, our Marketing Team received a delicious treat this Friday afternoon.

Jacque noticed everyone seemed to have the Friday blahs–you know, the kind of feeling you get on a Friday when you don’t feel motivated to work anymore and you just want to go home? Well, she decided that they should do something about it. So they went out to the store and picked up vanilla and chocolate fudge ice cream complete with cake cup and waffle cones, nuts, whipped cream, chocolate and caramel topping and all the other trimmings you’d need for a hot fudge sundae!


It sure was a great pick-me-up and seemed to really hit the spot for many of us, including myself. I’ll tell you what, it worked something fierce, ’cause Angie responded with her new Friday tradition of playing Michael Jackson’s PYT. (That’s Josh dancing to the music.)

Though I feel bad that Regis and Clay are missing out since they’re working remote right now. Don’t worry guys, we’ll make sure to do something special for you soon! Maybe we’ll invade Clay in the 313 and throw him a get-well party or something.

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  1. Thanks to Matt for going out and buying the ice cream for us. Josh – you light up our lives. :)

    Posted by: Jacque | March 16, 2007
  2. First you have grilled cheese. Now you have ice cream. Why do you flaunt your food? You have no love for the injured.

    Posted by: Clayton | March 16, 2007
  3. Don’t worry Clayton, next time we’ll throw it in the mail for you!

    Posted by: Jen R | March 18, 2007

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