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The Power of One Person

Angela DiSarno is an intern with the Quicken Loans Careers Connection (recruiting) team.  Congratulations on a great post, Angela.

SarahBy Angela DiSarno

When I first thought about who in the world made “The DIFF” for me, I instantly knew it was my old roommate, Sarah, from Mackinac Island, Michigan. Sarah and I spent the summer working for the Island House Hotel and lived together in a downtown Mackinac dorm above Ryba’s Fudge shop.

Sarah is the type of person who can look at a person and see directly into their soul.

She told me of a time when she was working at Cedar Point Amusement Park and saw a young teen dressed in black staring at a massive roller coaster. Sarah walked by and asked him if he needed help with anything around the park.

He replied no, but she kept the conversation going and they eventually went walking around the park together for the rest of the day. Sarah rode all the best roller coasters with him and showed him all the fun that he could have at the park.

Their day ended with the teen confiding in Sarah that his plan was to come to Cedar Point one last time before he committed suicide. He continued telling Sarah that because of the kindness and genuine compassion she showed him, that he changed his mind and was going to get help instead of making the final decision to end his life.

Sarah told me this story while we were up late one night, just talking about life and the people in it. Sarah’s amazing ability to help people in pain and truly see the wonders in life is why she’s able to make a difference in the lives of so many she has touched.

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  1. Angie! I am honored to have a friend like you! Although I don’t feel like anything special, it’s nice to have friends who think that I am! I love you with my whole big heart and I miss you too!

    Posted by: Sarah | March 30, 2007
  2. I too have met this “Angel of Earth,” as I like to call her. She gives to others freely, and wears her heart on her sleeve. She never lets a day go by where she hasn’t smiled at everyone she sees, or offers to help another in some way. I have witnessed her giving her gas money to children selling candy bars for school, and her grocery money to someone in need, and quite literally, the shirt off her back to yet another person. Who can help but to love her?

    Posted by: Yvonne | March 30, 2007

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