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What Would You Call A “Cool Project?”

GooglegadgetBy Christy Brewer

Every once in a while you get handed a project that brightens your day. Maybe it’s because the purpose supports something you value, like our upcoming 3reasons.org blog for Bob Lee, who rides 6,500 miles cross-country to raise awareness of the challenges faced by Cancer patients, ALS victims and our families faced with end-of-life issues.

Or, maybe it’s something that is fun to build, like our Google IG Rate Watch Gadget. We have an awesome team of web developers here at Quicken Loans, including Kevin, Zack, Joe, Christina, and Paul, all who contributed to making this gadget happen. I got to sit back and watch them pour their passion into figuring out the best way to build it. That was really cool for me!

In fact, this gadget was just mentioned on netbanker.com, as one of the most popular financial gadgets in Google’s offering. The public relations geek in me enjoys seeing articles like this… yet another reason it’s a cool project.

What’s your idea of a cool project?

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  1. It’s nice when people are permitted to work on a cool project. Frequently, management interdicts such things with an iron fist. This is usually the result of closed-mindedness. First, there’s the status of the official projects which directs all the effort away from anything “cool”. Then there’s the idiot stuff that really isn’t cool, but has been sold to be cool. It often leads to nothing more than delays in the official projects and even less time for anything really cool. When things REALLY are cool, that’s different. When a project is cool, it causes enthusiasm rather than defeating it. It might even cause exuberance, but really that’s more of a temporary thing than enthusiasm, which can persist throughout a project or even a career. It has been often said that enthusiasm is a little-known secret to success. It works, because withoot it, there’s nothing but a top-down drive toward mediocrity. When something is driven by enthusiasm, it diverges from mediocrity. I’m glad the guys who made the financial gadget got to have fun with it by making it the way they liked it. It’s better for everyone that they did.

    Posted by: nate M. | March 2, 2007
  2. NateM: You sum it up nicely at the end… Allowing them to develop it the way they wanted made it a much better product. We had our ideas when we started this, but once we got web developers involved, the gadget got *so* much better. They always have such great ideas! This is just one example of how bright our web developers are.

    Posted by: Christy | March 6, 2007

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