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4 Tips on Being Professional When Interviewing for a Mortgage Career

By Jim Richards & Michelle Salvatore

At Quicken Loans, we continuously talk about being professional, or as we call it, “high level.”  In essence, this means providing clients and candidates with a high level of professionalism, follow-up and service.  For example, if I tell a candidate that I will call them back at 5:00pm, then I call EXACTLY at 5:00pm.  This is the level of service that we expect from our team members.  Here are some of our tips to be “high level” during the interview process:

Tip 1: Dress to Impress –- First impressions are important in every aspect of life and especially in the interview process.  Being properly dressed speaks to the prospective professionalism of a candidate and is mandatory in our book. 

Tip 2: Be Early -– As recruiters at Quicken Loans, time is very valuable.  Professional courtesy dictates, then, when you agree to an appointment or interview time that you are early so that the meeting can begin at the specified time and fill out any preliminary paperwork necessary.

Tip 3: Be Prepared -– Come to your interview armed with information about the company, its history, place in the mortgage industry, aspects of the position and especially any questions that you may have about your career opportunity.

Tip 4: Follow-up -– Yes…some of the things they teach you in school are correct.  Send your interviewer a thoughtful follow-up message thanking them for their time.  Remember: you are the one trying to land the career opportunity.

So, these are some basic tips for being “high level” while interviewing with Quicken Loans.  We pride ourselves on providing a superior level of service to both our internal and external clients, so start off your career with a bang!

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