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NBC News’ Making A Difference Series – Spreading the Good News

Celebrities who publicly talk about their battles with cancer, a champion thumb wrestler who teaches kids to write well, a soul-food restaurant owner from Chicago who gives former felons a place to earn an honest buck, and a 12-year old boy who raises money for African orphans by playing basketball… what do all these people have in common?

They’ve all been featured on NBC’s "Making A Difference" series.   

Making A Difference is a smorgasbord of stories about people, most of them ordinary, doing extraordinary things to help others.   I love it and if you like reading the DIFF, you will too. 

NBC created the series in response to viewers who complained that the NBC News broadcast featured only bad news.

I’ve spent hours going over the archives on msnbc.com.  If you want to read about people who make a difference in the world, here’s the place!

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