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“The DIFF” is Now Famous!

By Christy Brewer

Did you see the Sunday comics? Did you read Crankshaft? If you haven’t, Tom Batiuk, one of the creators of Crankshaft, gave us permission to display last Sunday’s comic here:


Copyright 2007, Tom Batiuk

This is so cool to me on so many levels! Not only is there the Quicken Loans/Q Arena/Cleveland Cavaliers connection, with all those obviously important branding and impression things going on. My initial reaction was, “We made it! We’re known by a comic strip creator!”

And then I looked over at my 10-year-old son, Cullen, and realized that the wife in this comic strip would be impressed.

I love the Rock Financial/Detroit Pistons partnership. Because of it, I was able to take my son to one of the lower-level suites at the Palace of Auburn Hills for a Pistons game. But I think at one point, I thought I was in Cleveland.

“The Pistons are ahead by 12 points!” Cullen shouted, early in the game. Okay, it was against the Toronto Raptors, so apparently this kind of a lead was expected. I wouldn’t know, since I’m more of a Red Wings fan.

“Fabulous,” I thought, he can read the scoreboard. I’ll admit it, a snarky comment almost made it out of my mouth. Yes, I’m a bad mom at times. But, then I looked up at the score board and realized that it’s only the Q Arena that has “The DIFF” on the score board. Oops! Saved by a quick glance.

And I’m immensely proud that Cullen can subtract double-digit scores so quickly. Yes, I like having “The DIFF” on the score board, but I also like knowing that my 10-year-old can still subtract numbers in his head.

Is the comic strip, Crankshaft, commenting on “doing it yourself,” losing skills as we age, or even possibly the concept that our children may not be learning these skills in the first place? Or is the point more one of perspective? As both characters express dismay, I had evidence right in front of me that night that children are still learning good stuff. Maybe Tom would be comforted slightly by that.

The debate continues on the DC Sports Bog (yes, “Bog”) at the Washington Post.  Join in the conversation. After all, that’s why people keep trying stuff like “The DIFF”. And that’s why Tom Batiuk creates comic strips.

What do you have to say about it?

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  1. the guy who does that strip, (and his late dad who originated it), are from Cleveland, no? The guy who does Calvin and Hobbes is also a Cleveland guy.

    Posted by: T.rex | May 26, 2009

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