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Will You Be a Johnny Today?

This story was passed on to me by our illustrious CEO Bill Emerson. It’s an inspiring story about a young man who works as a bagger at a grocery store that chose to make a difference. How? By giving each customer he bagged for his Thought of the Day. It’s become so popular that his cashier’s line is three times longer than anyone else’s. And no one minds the wait! I mean, this is what the DIFF is all about…giving people something to remember you by–something that makes even a small difference in their lives, brightens their day and gives them a reason to come back.

Watch Johnny’s story here:  http://www.stservicemovie.com and tell us…will you be a "Johnny" today?

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  1. It is a fictional story that proves how gullible people are.

    Posted by: John Harrold | June 14, 2015

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