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This Difference-Maker Takes His Friends With Him

By Nick Skully

Nick is a mortgage banking intern. He served one internship at the Quicken Loans headquarters in Livonia, Mich., and has headed back to Cleveland for a second internship.

I did not have to look long, or far, when thinking of a person that truly exemplifies “THE DIFF.”  The person who is a difference-maker to me is my best friend, Tim Paoli.  While you may not know him, I am positive that you know a person like him. 

He is a person who has overcome obstacles and adversity his whole life, and has helped me to be thankful for what I have. He gives me the extra push to go out and work hard to achieve my dreams.  I grew up with my best friend in Cleveland, Ohio, and from the first day I met him, we just connected because we were so similar. We have been close friends ever since.  He was less fortunate than me and most people around us, but he has the drive and determination to accomplish everything he wants. 

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