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Lessons from Dad – The Benefits of Hard Work

By Mark Swistock

Mark Swistock was a banking intern last semester.  He’s now a mortgage banker in our Livonia office.  Congratulations on being hired full-time, Mark!

Ever since I can recall, my dad has been the one to display what we like to call The Diff.

From early in my life, I have understood what it means to earn your money and hard work is only the beginning of it.

My dad has always been what is called a blue collar worker, but I don’t
think that title either fits him or gives him any justice what so ever.
Work ethic is something I can truly say that I learned and now express
thanks to things my dad has taught me. He is always told me, “If you’re
early you’re on time, if you’re on time then you’re late.” This holds
true to all, and is definitely something I try to fulfill in my own

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