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Angry Ed Wants Bad Drivers Ripped Off the Road

Editor’s note: Angry Ed is back with some advice for safe and fun driving.  By following these simple rules, we can all be the DIFF and keep Angry Ed smiling!

Angry Ed Wants Bad Drivers Ripped Off the RoadThis week we explore "The DIFF" between driving like you have an ounce of consideration for the millions of others trying to get from A to B on our crowded roads, and deserving to be drawn-and-quartered.

I find driving to be one of the most stressful things I HAVE to do every day, and the stress I feel comes from millions of either inconsiderate or ignorant people that need to be educated or eradicated. Just writing this raised my heart rate, and you’ll note the gradual increase in the aggressiveness of tone as the post continues.

Following are a few common road-rage inspiring acts, which you should all be careful not to commit, for when I rule the world and set the laws, punishment will be swift and severe:

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