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Costco vs. Sam’s Club – Who Do You Like?

Costco vs. Sam'sEver since Clayton Closson joined the Quicken Loans Marketing team; he has gone head-to-head against Doug Peeples in a "Costco vs. Sam’s" battle.

Costco is Clayton’s favorite place to be. Not his favorite store, but place. He’d rather be at Costco, sampling all the hors d’ouvres, than at the Red Wings game.

After listening to them do battle day after day, I noticed an article in Costco’s Connections magazine. (Yes, I choose Costco over Sam’s as well.)

This article details how Costco goes above and beyond.

They don’t just keep employees’ jobs open. They don’t just send stuff.
They make up the difference in pay so that Costco employees who are
serving still make their Costco salary. Costco covers the gap between
military pay and what they make at Costco. Trust me, they make more
working at Costco than serving our country.

Costco also covers health benefits for the families, too. Oh, and then come the care packages. The gap, the DIFF.

Costco wins.

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  1. Christy, I completely agree with you! Costco’s investment in their employees makes the diff not only for those working there but also, ultimately, for Costco’s customers. I have never shopped at a Sam’s Club, so I can’t compare. What I can tell you is that every Costco employee I have ever met has exhibited a very positive, can-do attitude. It is no surprise, seeing that they watch out for their employees – especially those who serve our country. An all-important diff for a San Diego-based gal like me!
    I vote for Costco.

    Posted by: Becky Carroll | May 22, 2007
  2. Costco is better than sam’s or wal-mart. The fruit at Costco is in a large cooler. Wal-mart and sam’s fruit is laying out in a non air controlled area. Costco don’t have tel-check which shut’s down
    my checking account every time I spend more then $500.00 in one day.
    when I check out at costco they load and unload the buggy. Costco also bring’s the extra added order to my buggy at checkout time.
    AT sam’s you have to wait and beg to get help to get them.
    The added free 3 year’s on tv’s and computers are great at costco.
    it’s $200.00 or more at sams or wal-mart for this protection.
    Wal-mart has lower prices than Sam’s in our area, so why should I pay sam’s for a membership which will not match no price.
    been with sams 30 years.
    with costco the last two.
    no more sam’s or wal-mart

    Posted by: ken swilling | September 15, 2009

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