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Hey, Angry Ed, Even the TSA Can Be Positive

Rather than finding the things I hate about the things I hate to do, Angry Ed, I prefer to focus on the good stuff that happens.

For example, I hate commercial air travel. I’m spoiled by knowing a few private pilots. (Okay, so I have to jet off to wherever they are going, but any airplane ride is a blast for me.) I hate airports. Of course, I hate Detroit Metro more than any other airport.

But, unlike Angry Ed, I still find things I like about Metro. Like the Pangborn Design store in the new McNamara terminal.

And you will not expect what I found this time, while traveling through Metro this past Memorial Day weekend.

Everyone loves to hate the new security regulations at airports. Take your shoes off. No liquids in amounts greater than 3.5 ounces. Oh, and put all those liquids in Ziploc bags, and take them out of your carry-on to be scanned separately.

The poor TSA agents get picked on in every media outlet and coffee shop across the country.

I was traveling with my elementary-age boys, trying to shepherd them through security without them starting a flip-flop battle. I made it through the security checks without a single item being searched. I think they just wanted the kids through as quickly as possible, knowing that brothers always fight.

I reached for my phone to check the time when I realized the phone was not where it should be. I rushed the battling brothers back to the checkpoint to see if they found my phone. I expected a hassle.

“No, we don’t have a lost phone, but let’s scan your bags to see if we can find it,” replied one security agent.

When it wasn’t found there, they offered to let me go back to my car and they’d take me at the beginning of the line for a quick re-scan so I could still make my flight.

Have you fallen out of your chair yet? I was astounded by this group of agents who all went above and beyond to help me find my cell phone. They didn’t have to. They were busy, but they found a way to keep the line moving, and still help me.

Maybe the battling brothers invoked sympathy. But, I think it’s more that I look for the positive things, rather than focusing on the negative. I heard a smart man once say, “What you focus on, you find.”

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  1. For the record…I love the TSA. They’re good and necessary people! If anything, I’d fault the idots in line who don’t have their shoes off, and laptops out of the case BEFORE they get to the scanner!

    Posted by: Ed | May 30, 2007
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  3. hi, you should see Lisbon airport…lol. that you would not like!

    Posted by: buxi | June 4, 2007

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