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DIFF Intern Contest Finalist – Stephanie Powel

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Instant Karma

Desperate to escape the wet, gloomy, chill setting into my hands and feet, I hurried into Rock Financial.  I stared in horror as an anchorwoman’s voice grimly echoed through the TV, “Detroit Coyote to be Killed.” Frantic, the beautiful beast desperately fled the Detroit Police, leading them on a wild “Coyote” chase, ultimately ending in her and her unborn babies capture.

It seemed as if the coyote had fixed her eyes into mine, pleading for a second chance. Calm came over me and the irresistible desire to save not only the stunning creature, but the unborn life she carried inside, took over.   I flooded the Governor, Senator, Humane Society, Detroit Police, and S.M.A.R.T. with phone calls fighting for the coyote’s life.

Hours passed without a word and I feared death would take the coyote.   Hope overflowed when S.M.A.R.T. called with news that Humane Society was negotiating the coyote’s liberation.  As morning turned into afternoon, the frigid drizzle turned into warm rays of light and almost simultaneously, the coyotes’ plea was answered.

It was like “The Secret”, the law of attraction, the theory that a person’s actions, thoughts, beliefs and emotions are said to attract corresponding positive and negative experiences.  This gloomy day was met with opposite forces and as myself and others used our lives to impact the lives of one of Michigan’s most captivating wild life, the sun revealed a day full of new beginnings.  Just five minutes after the coyote and her unborn pups were taken into safety, I learned I had been selected for an opportunity to spend my summer as an intern on the Interactive Marketing team at Quicken Loans . 

Now that’s what I call instant karma.

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  1. Great job Steph!! You should definitely win!

    Posted by: Jenna | June 18, 2007
  2. WOW!! what a great example of the law of attraction.

    Posted by: Jenn | June 18, 2007
  3. Coyotes don’t normally roam in urban areas. I’d question the condition of this animal. Perhaps it was better off euthanized.

    Posted by: HMMM... | June 18, 2007
  4. One person can make a difference

    Posted by: greg | June 18, 2007
  5. Good job Steph!

    Posted by: Ashley | June 18, 2007
  6. Intentionally or not, we constantly influence the people and world around us. Little did that anchor person know they would infulence you to leap into action to protect this beautiful creature. Good job Stephanie!

    Posted by: Charlotte | June 18, 2007
  7. Great story-I once got a parking ticket for running in a bank to deposit money real quick-as I came out he was still writing the ticket and wouldn’t rip it up–He started to pull away and got a flat tire…KARMA!

    Posted by: Matt | June 18, 2007
  8. This is great stuff Stephanie! You are amazing and full of wonderful ideas. I’m sure Dan G. will be blown away by your drive and motivation.

    Posted by: Stephanie | June 18, 2007
  9. save planet earth

    Posted by: Terr | June 18, 2007
  10. Awesome writing Steph! You know what they say…what goes around comes around! Good luck.

    Posted by: Jacqueline | June 18, 2007
  11. This story earns my vote! Great symbolism

    Posted by: Anonymous | June 18, 2007
  12. Good Job Steph!

    Posted by: Ashley | June 18, 2007
  13. Outstanding! Awe-inspiring! You have restored my faith in humanity and earth mistress Gaia! Your work is reminiscent of Proust, Hemingway, Camus, Sartre, Melville…egads, I have exhausted my hyperbole! (Though personally I would have made the coyote 600 lbs. and un-naturally white in color and had it symbolize the Republic of Ireland.)
    You’re the best Steph!

    Posted by: Big Kev | June 18, 2007
  14. I enjoy your writing style. I think the story highlights the way many people like to take the easy way out. I would definately subscribe to a blog written by Stephanie.
    “Coyotes don’t normally roam in urban areas. I’d question the condition of this animal. Perhaps it was better off euthanized.”
    As our urban areas grow, where do people expect the coyotes to go? Could you please provide us with some statistics on “roaming coyotes in urban areas” and a point of reference.

    Posted by: Zac | June 19, 2007
  15. Nice job! Karma most definitely exists, and you should sweep your fingers into it everyday until it is a part of your thinking.

    Posted by: Doug | June 19, 2007
  16. Well done! Way impressive.

    Posted by: meghan | June 19, 2007
  17. Hey Stephanie,
    Well done, I admire your persistence. I also like the reference to “The Secret”. I am impressed that you mentioned its power with regard to your situation. I try and live that every day. The law of attraction is a powerful force that we all can use to our advantage. Congrats on a job well done and thanks for sharing the wonderful story. Good luck
    - Clark Bradley

    Posted by: Clark Bradley | June 19, 2007
  18. Brilliant writing and a glimpse of how powerful the law of attraction really is.

    Posted by: Matthew Coombs | June 19, 2007
  19. Great Job! Great Spirit!

    Posted by: Keisha Hudson | June 19, 2007
  20. Good and very impressive

    Posted by: Kalyan | June 19, 2007
  21. Excellent story, Steph. This truly defines the basis for making a difference. :)

    Posted by: Vicki | June 19, 2007
  22. This just shows that if one brave person steps up, it doesnt take long for people to listen and follow!!
    Goood story!!!

    Posted by: chelsea | June 19, 2007
  23. I really enjoy your writing style, nice job!

    Posted by: Ryan | June 19, 2007

    Posted by: Meagan | June 19, 2007
  25. good job!

    Posted by: Fallon Kinaya | June 19, 2007
  26. great job!

    Posted by: meg | June 19, 2007
  27. This is a great descpritive story! Very vivid detail Steph! You deserve to win

    Posted by: Victor | June 19, 2007
  28. Great job Steph, very engaging and proof that a positive mindset leads to positive results.

    Posted by: Boston | June 19, 2007
  29. Loved it!! You should win!

    Posted by: Jen | June 19, 2007
  30. Nice job. Way to stay involved and fight for what you beleive in!

    Posted by: Eric | June 19, 2007
  31. That was awesome nice job!

    Posted by: Lamees | June 19, 2007
  32. Nice job, Stephanie. I am including a portion of the April 11, 2007, press release from Stephanie Baron, Michigan Humane Society, in response to some of the other comments – “While in the care of the rehabilitator, the coyote will be medically evaluated and cared for, and ultimately released into her natural habitat. At the time MHS received the coyote, she appeared to be healthy and at a good weight.
    Coyotes can peacefully co-exist with humans in both urban and suburban settings, and it is not uncommon to see a coyote in highly populated areas. “Coyotes are native to Michigan, highly adaptable and can readily and peacefully co-exist with people, even in suburban and urban settings,” Robbins noted. There have been no reported coyote attacks on humans in Michigan’s history.”

    Posted by: JD | June 19, 2007
  33. Great Job!

    Posted by: Erica Harper | June 19, 2007

    Posted by: SAL | June 19, 2007
  35. Great job Stephanie, Wonderful things can happen to you and to others if people would just take the initive, step out of their ‘self ” box and care more about others-in your case an animal. I believe that you were chosen, not because of “Karma”, but because you are a self-starter, caring, and selfless individual-as is evidenced by your concern for something other than yourself. Keep up the good work, and keep caring more about the world around you. Ask yourself “What can I do for others”, and you’ll find yourself getting back more in return. You will be forever blessed because of it. Nancy

    Posted by: nancy | June 19, 2007
  36. JD…Are you familiar with this report?
    Take a look at this pic:
    How about this site:
    I’d not consider coyotes a docile animal.

    Posted by: HMMM... | June 20, 2007
  37. I don’t think that the point of the story was to argue about whether or not this coyote was dangerous…
    This is something the Detroit Police and the Humane Society considered as the story developed. The decision to rehabilitate this animal into the wild was based on the health and demeanor of this animal.

    Posted by: stephanie | June 20, 2007
  38. hi all :)

    Posted by: Anonymous | September 21, 2008
  39. But….what the reader really wants to know is…..WHAT HAPPENED TO THE COYOTE, not, did you get a job. What a disappointing story.

    Posted by: Tim Goddard | March 17, 2009
  40. Great info. Lucky me I ran across your blog by chance
    (stumbleupon). I’ve saved as a favorite for later!

    Posted by: public freak out | November 13, 2016

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