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Karaoke Revolution – Can’t Lose at this Video Game!

Can't Lose at Karaoke Revolution!By Jen Romanowski

For years I never really understood the obsession with video games. I used to argue that people who play them were either anti-social or too violent. After a while, most of my friends realized that it was useless to ask me to play, because I’d always pass. "No, go ahead and play. I don’t mind." So they would be in the living room huddled around the television, shouting and talking smack. And I’d be somewhere else mumbling about being bored.

Truth be told, I just hate losing.

The way I see video games, you should never have to lose, especially over and over again. What’s the point in playing? Every time you try, you wind up having to start over within 10 minutes. Okay, maybe I should just accept that I’m not very good at video games. Or, maybe I just need to spend some quality time practicing and being patient. But I just don’t have the patience to keep starting over and over again. After one or two times, seeing that wretched "Game Over" screen, I throw in the towel.

Karaoke Revolution Is One Video Game Worth WinningYou see, when I set out to accomplish something, I set out to succeed. Playing a video game is no different — I play to win. I don’t want to play if every time I try I continuously lose. That is just not fun for me.

Finally, my view on video games changed. That’s right, ladies and gentlemen; I am now the proud owner of the ONLY game I’ve never lost at: Karaoke Revolution. Now on an occasional Friday night, you will be able to find me sitting around the television, singing and talking smack. And you will hear no complaints about me being bored.

Thank you, Karaoke Revolution, for making me a winner!

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  1. you gotta check this out
    world karaoke championship finland 2008

    Posted by: bigjohnskaraoke | November 9, 2008

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