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Restaurant Proves that Skimping Doesn’t Cut It

Interns Learn Lessons QuicklyBy Cassie Bixler – Winner of the DIFF Intern Challenge

I recently traveled back to my little hometown of Warsaw, Indiana.  It is a simple, small town; you might even say… podunk! However, sometimes it is in the small areas of life that we find the greatest things. 

I met up with a friend for breakfast at a little restaurant called Maria’s House of Pancakes.  If you are not from Warsaw, you would probably never find this place, nor bother to stop in.  There is absolutely nothing special about this restaurant — it is simple, tiny, and "country-ish."  Looking over the menu you will find that it, too, is simple, ordinary, and nothing unique. 

The meal arrives in a timely manner and it is at this moment that the
shock sets in.

I ordered a simple ham and cheese omelet; little did I
know I would be getting a five-egg omelet with two huge pancakes on the
side, and an abundance of hash browns, all for, like, $6.  The food was
fan-freakin-tastic.  It was the best breakfast of my life. 

They didn’t have to give me an abundance of the best food ever; I
didn’t expect it at all.  It is because of the added extras that
Maria’s has been such a big hit in the small town of Warsaw.  I believe
they live by one of our sayings, or ISM (as in "a Dan Gilbert-ism"), A
penny saved is a penny
.  They understand that it is not about
saving a few pennies here and there.  The payoff comes from the
customer’s return, time and time again.  If you are ever in the area, I
highly recommend you stop in!

I thought of Maria’s while in a recent team meeting. We watched a Mac
clip entitled, 212 Degrees.  This video is awesome and shows
the huge difference one extra degree of effort can make.

At 211 degrees water is hot.

At 212 degrees it boils.

With boiling water, comes steam.

And steam can power a locomotive.

It’s the One Extra Degree that makes all the difference.

– Mac Anderson

Apply it to everything!  Do the little extra things… they add up to
greatness!  In the tiniest bit of difference, amazing things happen,
excellence appears!

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