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Dream Big… It’s Your Life

By Cassie Bixler, winner of the summer intern blogger contest

“Plan out your future, but do it in pencil!” – Bon Jovi

Over July 4th I had time to relax on the lake, soak up the sunshine, and live carefree for a few days.  Somehow, amid all the relaxation I found myself stressing about the changes to come in the all-too-near future, after graduation.

I seriously had a panic attack when I realized, "OMG! Real life!  That means no more waking up at noon, no more jetting out of the state on a spontaneous whim, and no more crazy, carefree college life."  The future, the unknown, the real world and all that goes with it is staring me in the face… scary!

Check out this video, then read on…

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