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The YMCA — A Gym That Doesn’t Suck

By Mark Messing

My guess is that most gym-goers look back on their first gym experience with disdain. 

We have memories of clipboard-wielding behemoths with neck-swallowing shoulders and a convincing way of letting you know that you just aren’t healthy enough.  This concern for your health is often dropped after the credit slip is signed, and we are left with little knowledge of the workout process and a significant amount taken from our bank accounts.  Discouraged, we begrudgingly fall back onto one of the two gym room basics; a treadmill and a bench press. 

As with most bad experiences, we should be asking ourselves, “Does it have to be like this?”  Last week I found out that it didn’t, and the answer came from a surprisingly simple source: My neighborhood YMCA. 

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