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Finding Meaning in Your Work

Responding with a Sense of UrgencyEditor’s Note: This week, the winner of our Summer Intern contest gives a little peek into the world of mortgage banking and customer service.

This was very inspirational to me, and I feel this story really defines what Quicken Loans is about: Excellence. 

One of the things I find so awesome about Quicken Loans is the company-wide standard of excellence. The dedication to provide the absolute best for each and every client, every time, no exceptions, no excuses. It is absolutely amazing to see it in action.

In our weekly meeting, one of our bankers was recognized for his above-and-beyond service to a very special client. This client was serving in Iraq and came to the States for two weeks of leave. He wanted to attempt the  impossible… purchase a home in those short weeks. The banker committed himself to this client and assured him that Quicken Loans will make it happen. What an awesome opportunity to find meaning in your work. This banker got it done. The soldier had the smoothest transition during the process and was closed in two weeks.

Now that is what I call excellence. Each day is an opportunity to start anew. The most rewarding experience is not in doing something solely for yourself, it is in doing something for another. It is the most unique human experience… you can never help another without helping yourself as well.

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