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Cedar Point is My Favorite Joint

Mark Gets Present from BirdBy Dave Rigotti

Last week, Quicken Loans took some of us interns (associates) to The Roller Coaster Capital of the World.  That’s right, we went to Cedar Point.  What was really cool about the trip was that our tickets and bus (the bus was very nice, by the way) were paid for by Quicken Loans. 

We boarded the bus at 8am and left for a fun filled day.  After a 2 hour (though it seemed to be much shorter) ride, we were there.  The place where steel, fear, and friends mesh to make for a truly unique experience.

While picking up our tickets, a bird left a little present on fellow intern Mark Messing’s Diff shirt.  He was disappointed since I’m sure his DIFF shirt is his favorite, so he went and immediately cleaned it off.

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