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Dr. Parthum teaches us not to hate.

by Mark Messing

dentistHate is one thing everyone hates.  And yet, growing up, there’s one person we are taught it’s OK to hate: the dentist.  Sure, as a kid, you may have been told to “be good” for the dentist, but even your parents would announce their disgust towards having to go there.

When someone messes with your teeth, IT HURTS.  There is no getting around it.  And being forced to sit in a chair, staring at the ceiling, feeling sharp pain for an hour isn’t exactly a trip to Cedar Point. 

But there’s a catch.  The more regularly you go to the dentist, the less severe your dental problems will end up being.  Regular cleanings will be far less intrusive then a double root canal.  So, if you have to go to a dentist anyway, you might as well go to one you can actually like.

A dentist I can like? Heck, two years ago I had a better perception of my garbage man.  At least my garbage man smiled when he said hello.  But good dentists are out there.  I know at least one exists.  His name is Dr. Parthum, and you can find him in Clawson, MI.  The building is small.  The waiting room isn’t shiny.  But the dentist is one I know anyone would like.

Here are the top 5 reasons I think Dr. Parthum is better than any dentist I have ever had.

1. He takes the time to talk to me. 

He knows what is going on in my life and therefore knows that I am busy.  This way, his secretary isn’t the only person who knows the best time for my next appointment.

2. He remembers me.

He asks me about things we talked about months before.  He remembers that my dad is the guy “who can do 40 push ups a day.*” He remembers the fillings I had, and when I had them.  I know that I’m not just another set of teeth he’s working on.

*Yup, my 65 year old dad told the dentist he can do 40 push ups a day.  I am just glad he didn’t show him.

3. He let’s me know what he is doing to my teeth. 

He is always talking me through everything he does.  I know what to expect when he starts drilling my teeth.  You would be surprised at how not scary a dentist is when you know what he is doing.

4. He gets things done.

I don’t have to spend a month to make an appointment for him to verify that a filling needs to be changed so that he can tell me to make another appointment to actually get it done.  He got an appointment for me to get my wisdom teeth out with 2 days notice.  That’s just awesome.

5. He hates to hurt.

He literally winces when he thinks he is hurting my teeth.  The funny thing is, he hardly ever does.  He’s even come up with a way to make the Novocain shot painless!  Sometimes, pain is unavoidable, but at least he focuses on NOT hurting me.

If you are a dentist and would like to take lessons from Dr. Parthum, I encourage you to call him at 248-435-3220.  After all, we are all looking for a world with a little less hate.

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  1. Did he take over Dr. Sage’s practice? That phone number looks awfully familiar. And, Dr. Sage had the same approach. It wasn’t until he retired and I moved farther away that I had to actually experience gas or shots in order to get a filling done. Dr. Sage *never* used anesthesia on me. Ever. And it was never that bad.

    Posted by: Anonymous | August 16, 2007
  2. Was Dr. Sage on Crooks in between 14 mile and 15 mile?

    Posted by: Mark Messing | August 17, 2007
  3. My dentist growing up was my second cousin, so hating him would have been bad for the family. But he was really a great dentist. He of course knew all about me, the family, etc. He would joke with me and when he was working he would sing or hum.
    I went to him until I was around 21 and he retired. Now I fear I will never find a dentist close to home who was as cool as him.

    Posted by: Jen R | August 17, 2007
  4. Thats ironic, because Parthum’s slogan is “Treating our patients, like they are second cousins.”

    Posted by: Mark | August 17, 2007
  5. I too had a great experience with my dentist. He went to our church and when we moved to town he introduced himself right away. My sister and I always had good teeth, of course because my mom made us go. But when we came to Dr. Polley’s we got the same treatment. I never waited more than 5 minutes before Dr. Polleys PERSONALLY greeted me and put me in a chair.
    He always remembered my sports involvement and how our family was doing. But the best part didn’t come until I was in college. I played basketball and could only get home about 4 times a year. By then I had developed a toothache and really needed to see a dentist. Because it was literally impossible to get home in time for his office hours, three times he came in on a Sunday JUST FOR ME! He too retired and I haven’t found one I like since!

    Posted by: Kriste | August 17, 2007

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