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Magazines.com = Great Customer Service

Dave Rigotti

Dave Rigotti is our blog intern winner for Round 2 of our 2007 Summer Intern Contest.  Good luck Dave at the University of Toledo next semester.

by Dave Rigotti

Magazines.com, like Quicken Loans, realizes that customer satisfaction is of the upmost importance.  I was moving and needed an address changed, but was having difficulty doing it through their online control panel.

I saw their phone number on the top of the page (1-800-magazines) so I decided to give it a call.  On the 2nd ring a REAL person picked up the phone.  No “press 1” or “press 2,” a real person. 

They also NEVER put me on hold, spoke clearly and very understandably. 

In under 90 seconds, the representative verified my account and changed my address on my subscriptions (Entrepreneur and Business 2.0 if you were curious).  I’ve told nearly 300 people (directly and indirectly) my story, which is awesome free advertising for Magazines.com.  Their level of customer service is EXTREMELY important for commodity items like magazines (Magazines.com also had one of the cheapest prices around too!).

So not only did they make me happy (which I’ll be ordering a few other magazines soon), but their awesome customer service greatly facilitates word of mouth marketing.  Like Quicken Loans Home Loan U, they have great resources available as well.

I challenge all companies to adopt the level of customer service that Quicken Loans and Magazines.com have.  We are in the relationship era of marketing and forming a positive relationship through customer service is nearly a necessity for long-term success.

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  1. What a trophy! Congrats on the win.

    Posted by: Mark | August 16, 2007

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