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Quicken Loans Summer Internship

Quicken Loans InternsBy Cassie Bixler – winner of the 2007 Summer DIFF Intern Blogger Contest

For most of my college career I solely focused on one end goal…a career in medical sales, hopefully somewhere on the sunny west coast.  I was so narrowed minded, that I almost didn’t run with the chance to work at Quicken as an intern.  I had no idea of the phenomenon that lies behind the doors of the Quicken Loans offices.  Dan Gilbert is a genius, and the opportunity to witness a billion dollar corporation in which people are actually happy is priceless.

The friends, co-workers, and mentors that I met this summer are the best ever.  The culture here is awesome; Quicken just gets it, that’s the only way to put it.  It is not just one believer it is each and every person believing the same philosophy and truly living the culture. 

Why Quicken is the Diff to the Interns:

  • The only place you get to play tug-o-war, crab race, and wheel barrow race on your first day. 
  • Popcorn and Slushy Machines – Yum!
  • We broke boards …We kickass and are totally empowered!
  • Cedar Point – Thrills and good times
  • FatHeads – Best investment Dan Gilbert ever made if you ask us
  • I had two computer monitors, a blackberry, business cards and my own work station…I felt so special…little did I know that meant more work!
  • Dan Gilbert ISMs presentation – simple truths that create a one of a kind company culture.
  • The Diff!  What a great site, this will be huge!  Really makes you think about things in a different light and the subtle difference between what is good and what is GREAT.
  • Awesome friends, co-workers, team leaders
  • Great environment, positive, energetic, and most of all fun!  Work hard to play hard!
  • OMG throwing around footballs, silly putty, and bubble stuff…enough said.
  • Damn does it look good on the resume!

A few shout outs:

PURDUE!  BOILER UP!  Thank you to Dan Gilbert and Quicken Loans for sponsoring a class at Purdue in the Selling and Sales Management Department.  It was through this class that I heard about Quicken Loans and met my future team leader.

Team Mortgage Insiders – I watched this team grow exponentially in the three short months I was here.  This team truly defines all that it means to be a “team.”  All for one, this team will be huge, look for phenomenal things from The Mortgage Insiders here at Quicken.  David Hall, Brian Macias, Chris Klau…they are the Transformers here at Quicken.  Building a new division and embarking on new territory.

Quicken Loans at Cedar PointCedar Point is the greatest place on earth!  I haven’t had that much fun in years, this intern trip was awesome, what a treat.  The “Stephanies” rock! 

Quicken Loans Internship program is AWESOME!  Thanks to everyone involved in making this happen for the interns this summer. 

The DIFF:  It is obvious, it is Quicken Loans!

Quicken Loans has been recognized as being the MC-ICE (MI Council for Internships and Cooperative Education) Employer of the Year – 2007.  Translation…Best intern program in the state of MI!

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