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So who’s THE DIFF? Amico’s Pizzeria… that’s who.

by Laura Mathis

amico's pizzaThe following is a dinner conversation that took place at the Mathis house a few weeks back after a fun trip to Home Depot.

My Aunt Connie: “Hey!, Let’s get a pizza… I’m starving.”
“The New Comer (A.K.A Emily’s boyfriend Justin): “Yeah that sounds good.. Where should we go?, how does Pizza Hut sound?”
-The entire room fills with laughter from myself, my mom, Aunt Connie, Grandpa and Emily….-
- Justin, a little stunned looks around as if he just said the funniest joke and we are about to pee our pants, even though the joke wasn’t funny-

Me: “Justin, we don’t really eat there.. we only eat at one pizza place … and that’s Amico’s!”
Justin: “Amico’s? I’ve never heard of them… Are they good?”
My Mom: “Good? They have the best pizza and it’ll be here in no time.”

-At this point I am already on the phone ordering from Amico’s since I have the number on speed dial in my head. Which I should add that this is no ordinary pizza place. It is a small hole in the wall pizzeria shop located in Livonia on Joy road between Inkster and Middlebelt and happens to be THE DIFF. We first found out about Amico’s from a flyer in the mail. Our neighbor Walt down the street orders from them all the time, well weekly as a matter of fact and we decided that after seeing their delivery car each week we should try them out. Pizza night at the Mathis house has never been the same since.

All I had to say on the phone when placing my order was “Hi, this is delivery for Sterling Court, Mathis house, we will have 2 larges… One with pepperoni and one deluxe.” In response I hear “ No problem we will see you in about 15-20 min.”

How many nights do you sit starving waiting 30-45 min for a pizza that shows up with the cheese smooshed, cold and then find out it costs an arm and a leg? I prop out Amico’s pizzeria for two reasons. They are beyond friendly, and go out of their way to not only remember your location and order but bring your pizza in the time they say they will. Not to mention delivering a hot, freshly baked-just-the-way-you-like pizza.

Oh, did I mention the delivery is free? The drivers are nice, and on time? And the pizza cheese is never cold, or moved all around? Sounds good huh? It is!
So why is it so good? You know when you bite into a piece of pizza and all the cheese, and toppings come along with the bite and ends up on your chin instead of still on the pizza and you are left with pizza bread and sauce? Well Amico’s has a nice layer of cheese that stays with the pizza…it’s not too thick, not to thin with tasty little round pepperonis, just the right amount of sauce and always more than expected toppings. They are never shy on anything you ask for… extra cheese, sauce, toppings, you got ‘em!

So how much did my order cost? Well I handed the driver a $20 bill when he got to my house and that included a pretty darn good tip. So in the end, Amico’s Pizzeria is THE DIFF. Great service, amazing prices, friendly faces and always the most delicious pizza you will lay your mouth on. So now that your taste buds are watering… give them a call for dinner tonight and find out for yourself what better-than-amazing pizza tastes like. Amico’s Pizzeria, 734-762-6166.

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  1. From cookies to pizza! This blog is making me hungry.

    Posted by: GettingLarge | August 10, 2007
  2. I’m getting fatter just looking at this!

    Posted by: Pizza the Hut | August 10, 2007
  3. Nex to come:
    What’s the diff about ice cream sundaes?

    Posted by: Mark | August 10, 2007
  4. So it appears that a slice in the upper right hand corner is missing some pepperonis. Is it THAT amazing that your delivery driver couldn’t resist a few pepperonis?? Although, I’m thinking that it may be you that cleared them out ;) YUMMY!

    Posted by: Becky | August 10, 2007
  5. Look at all that grease.

    Posted by: Fat Albert | August 10, 2007
  6. ohhhhhhh. Pizza makes me happy. The world needs more independent pizza places like Amico’s.

    Posted by: Little Ceasers Sucks | August 11, 2007
  7. I *heart* little pizza joints.
    Gracie See on Greenfield just south of Warren Ave has some amazing pizza AND they deliver beer or wine if you want it.
    Another good one…
    Paisanos on Schaeffer just south of Ford Rd. The pizza rocks and they make their own bread sticks.
    YUM…time for dinner.

    Posted by: Jen R | August 13, 2007

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