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A bicycle ride around the moon

BobatthefallsNearly six months ago we told you about Bob Lee, the amazing 65-year-old cancer survivor about to ride his bicycle more than 6,500 miles across the country to raise money and awareness for cancer, ALS (Lou Gehrig’s Disease), and hospice. Yesterday, Bob passed the 6,500-mile mark and today he will complete A Ride for Three Reasons in Bar Harbor, Maine.

By the end of today, Bob will have crossed the entire United States, from the south to the north, and from the east coast to the west—a total of 6,546 miles, all at 65. It’s probably difficult for you to wrap your head around exactly how far Bob has ridden his bicycle, but this should put it into perspective:

Since March, Bob had peddled enough to travel from New York City to Tokyo; or from Moscow to Mexico City; or completely around the surface of the moon!

To date, Bob has raised more than $316,000 of his $500,000 goal—100% will be divided equally between the American Cancer Society, Les Turner ALS Foundation, and National Hospice Foundation. Bob plans to continue fundraising through the end of the year, and encourages supporters to contribute to A Ride for Three Reasons.

Bob has not only taught us that creating significance is more important than “success”, but he’s also shown us that anything you set your mind to is possible, and a single person with a great idea, passion and determination has the ability to make a difference in the world.

It’s been an honor for us at Quicken Loans to sponsor this great cause and be a part of the “behind the scenes” team that has helped make this journey a reality. You can read more about Bob, and contribute to A Ride for Three Reasons by visiting 3reasons.org.

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  1. congratulations to Bob and the Ride for 3 Reasons. This is an amazing accomplishment. 6,500 miles at age 65. Wow.

    Posted by: Clayton | September 7, 2007

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