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Former President Bill Clinton’s book “Giving” is the DIFF

President Clinton's new book "Giving" is the DIFFWhile on the borders Web site recently, I stumbled on a video clip that features an interview with Former President Bill Clinton that talks about his latest book, “Giving”.   The book takes an inside look at individuals and organizations that are making a difference every day through charity work. “Giving” highlights these efforts and talks about what each of us—regardless of circumstance can do to solve problems and help others every day.

The book begins its story with a picture of a Cambodian infant that was orphaned by his mother who died of AIDS. The infant was born with AIDS and TB. Clinton stepped up and agreed to provide children’s AIDS medicine to Cambodia. Beginning with this child, Clinton was able to help 320 children. And for only $60 a year per child, these children are healthier than ever and have a shot at life.

Take a brief listen to what Clinton has to say about making a difference.

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